My name's J.W., folks just call me Whiskey. I'd appreciate if you do the same. Snapchat @thehalloran, Kik @jakeywhiskey. Just my thoughts as the days go by, nothin to special. I'm 18, 6 foot 3, drive a built 2001 Jeep TJ, and live life for fun. Oregon State Univ. Freshman. I love photography. My family and friends are most important to me, no idea what I'd do without them... I'm pretty laid back, and my blog reflects that. I'm just a real sweet country boy. I love to sing, I'm a good cook. I'll watch a chick flick with you, no problem. Seems like I'm the only guy who can do that hahaha I love Jeeps, but I don't care if it's Ford, Chevy or Dodge. Long as it's made with wrenches, not chopsticks. Forgive and forget. If you got any questions, comments, or if y'all just wanna chat and really get to know me, go ahead and ask. I love talkin to new people. Have a nice day.
- Whiskey


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